Rules of Tournament

– En cas de tirs au but à la fin de match, tirs au but par « mort subite » au lieu de 3 tirs au but.
– A l’issue de la phase de poule, modification en cas d’égalité de points entre les équipes.

Rules extracts of GIF CUP tournament (last update May 2018) :

This tournament is reserved for SUB12 players category.

Rules of the game are the ones applied by the F.F.F.
Each team is composed by 8 players and 4 substitutes.
Offsides start from median line.

The first phase will consist of 8 groups of 5 teams with a total of 40 teams

In order to have homogeneous groups, teams will be divided in 5 hats according their level.
- The two first of each group will participate to the AS TOURNAMENT, Marcel Laleu trophy.
- The third and fourth will be qualified for the CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT, Daniel Guilpain trophy.
- The fifth will be qualified for the PRESIDENT TOURNAMENT.

For the second phase, there will be no group, all the games will be played through direct elimination (with penalty if necessary)

All games have a duration of 1x20 minutes. Final will be 2x10 minutes.

Every team should come with two sets of shirts of different colors.

Present rules are approved by French Football Federation and Essonne's District Football League.


Won game
Equal score game :
Lost game:
Disqualification :
4 points
2 points
1 point
0 point

1°) General goal average
2°) Score of game between the two teams
3°) Best attack
4°) Best defense
5°) "Sudden death" penalty shoots